Young Thug Promotes Idea of Impermanence With “Digits”

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“Hustlers don’t stop they keep goin” raps Young Thug on Digits which was released this past spring,  “When you die somebody else was born” , another profound line in the track. Too often, Hip Hop, and more specifically rap gets a bad reputation for being superficial. However, the genre has always been uber innovative lyrically and conceptually. From the street pharmacists and philosophers to the the lyrical poets in backpacks, Hip Hop is thought provoking in even its weakest form.

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Although I’m not a huge proponent of recklessness, in understanding that balance is all, and this being a no judgement zone, I can still respect Young Thugs artistry and philosophy here. And admittedly, have had thoughts on what happens when we pass on numerous occasions.. As a huge N.E.R.D. fan, spearheaded by the creatively fearless Aries Pharrell Williams, the concept that noone ever really dies just resonates with me. It’s cool to see this concept on the street end of the spectrum, being done by the Young Thug, a flamboyant Leo with a flare for drama to say the least. In addition to the idea that noone ever really dies, the radical detatchment Thugger displays, and his acknowledgement of Impermanence, the Buddhist concept that everything must decay at some point in time, and in doing so, transforms into something else, is impressive, but still not an excuse to ever be unnecessarily reckless with one’s life.

Check out the Video for Digits below:

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