Reiki+Crystal Healing Session (30 minutes) 

Reiki Crystal Healing works to balance the chakras and to promote inner peace and wellness by attuning our bodies with natural energy. By directing our Energy (Chi) along with our Inner Light we release negative emotions back into the earth in order to inspire positive soulful energy.

Tarot Reading 

Tarot readings  help predict important events, people, and situations. Readings can answer a specific question or give a general overview of spiritual, emotional, and physical events and activities ranging anywhere from tomorrow up until a year from now. Tarot helps a Querent (or person getting a reading) obtain a deeper understanding of their life’s circumstances.

Numbers Analysis

Numbers Analyses provide insight into your personality quirks, innate desires, life challenges, and potential Karmic Debt. Assists those who are searching for meaning and motivation.

Women’s Empowerment Workshop (1 hour to half day offerings)

Focuses on the role of Archetype and Myth in our everyday lives, and keying into these 2 things as a way to bring about revelation and motivation. Geared toward those who suffer existential boredom, young adults, and anyone else who is open to creating positive change in their life.

Speaking Engagements

Topics Coming Soon!

Most Services can be performed Virtually. COD (cash on delivery) is allowed for In-Person services or items that are delivered. Free Astrology Chart Included for all Services. PayPal must be used to pay for virtual sessions.