On American Horror Story, Lillith, and the Soul


OK so full disclosure, demons are where I draw the line, so I haven’t watched this season of FX’s American Horror Story. I’m very much a sissy when it comes to certain things, and although I do not believe in demons, they still freak me out immensely. That being said, I have been a huge fan of the franchise overall, and this is the only season besides Murder House that I haven’t watched. I couldn’t help but think today on the way to work, about what the meaning is behind Ryan Murphy’s brilliantly played out stories that come alive every season for us.

I’ve been reading a lot about Lillith recently thanks to Mystic Medusa’s blog¬†. The asteroid/dark moon’s link with Chiron really has me thinking about renegade females, which are a staple in Murphy’s AHS. Another concept i’ve been ruminating on as of late in soulmates and past lives. It’s really cool how in the world of American Horror Story,not only do we get a redemption of radical femininity, but we also have the same actors coming back season after season linking up with one another in all sorts of relationships and contexts. It mirrors my idea of soulmates in life, for I truly believe some people are destined to bump heads repeatedly on the path to Nirvana, which can take many, many, many lifetimes to achieve. Your mother in one life could be your best friend in another, your brother, can become your lover, over many lifetimes.

Although I haven’t mustered up the courage to watch AHS this season, i’ve definitely still been keeping up from the sidelines. From radical women, to actors destined to meet again and again, AHS remains relevant to cosmology and astrology ¬†even without my eyes on it on Wednesday’s.

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