Mercury Retrograde begins 12/19-1/8 Relaxation a Must


Breathe in, breathe out, close your eyes, and let go. If you were doing the last couple of days, right, all of your loose ends be it in career, love, health, or finances have been tied up, and you are now fully ready to enjoy the awesomeness ahead of Mercury Retrograde in Cap season. If I sound optimistic, it’s because I am. Although I know I will be frustrated at some point in the next coming weeks, to be honest, i’ve been through enough retrogrades to know that the trick to surviving them is to expect nothing from them. With this last retrograde of the year in Capricorn it’s a good time to be inspired with regard to what you want to build next year. The key word here is inspired, don’t try and implement any of your great plans until after the first week in January. Check out my other recommendations below for surviving the retrograde:

  • Do not be discouraged, if you are awaiting a love confirmation, job offer, letter in the mail, whatever, and its taking a long time to come, don’t fret. This is a time to slow down.
  • Practice self care: get your nails done, get your hair dyed, buy the shoes you’ve been saving up for, in short- personal care is important, less talking more care taking. Also, it’s Cap season, so being well-groomed is a must.
  • Be Inspired: Keep a dream journal, be aware of synchronicity and non-verbal signs, be present in the moment, and use your environment to inspire you.
  • Remember, traffic, technology, communication, will all have the potential to go haywire, don’t stress just breathe and remember that this too is Ashe.
  • Have Fun: visit friends, have a potluck, drink wine, enjoy the holiday without worrying too much about working toward your goals, the goals will still be there after the retrograde, and you will come back to them refreshed and inspired.

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