In Today’s World.. Finding Peace Equals Less Suffering

I read an article on the Huffington post today, that although created back in 2011 has a relevancy now, and for the foreseeable future. The article is titled ” Why Finding Peace Means Less Suffering for Others” and in it the author describes how finding inner peace helps us to remain joyful and energized in a world that can be not so perfect.

Meditation equals sanity in an insane world. The Middle East is crumbling, going through massive and violent changes; Japan is facing unbelievable difficulties and suffering due to man’s need for endless nuclear power; the U.S., directed by Obama, just killed the world’s most infamous terrorist, while the Republicans are horror-struck that there is a black president. All this is sourced from the need for power, from greed, hatred, ignorance and unhappiness

Click here and see what else the author has to say about how dignity and humanity can be reclaimed not only by individuals but as a human race.

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