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Mercury Retrograde begins 12/19-1/8 Relaxation a Must


Breathe in, breathe out, close your eyes, and let go. If you were doing the last couple of days, right, all of your loose ends be it in career, love, health, or finances have been tied up, and you are now fully ready to enjoy the awesomeness ahead of Mercury Retrograde in Cap season. If I sound optimistic, it’s because I am. Although I know I will be frustrated at some point in the next coming weeks, to be honest, i’ve been through enough retrogrades to know that the trick to surviving them is to expect nothing from them. With this last retrograde of the year in Capricorn it’s a good time to be inspired with regard to what you want to build next year. The key word here is inspired, don’t try and implement any of your great plans until after the first week in January. Check out my other recommendations below for surviving the retrograde:

  • Do not be discouraged, if you are awaiting a love confirmation, job offer, letter in the mail, whatever, and its taking a long time to come, don’t fret. This is a time to slow down.
  • Practice self care: get your nails done, get your hair dyed, buy the shoes you’ve been saving up for, in short- personal care is important, less talking more care taking. Also, it’s Cap season, so being well-groomed is a must.
  • Be Inspired: Keep a dream journal, be aware of synchronicity and non-verbal signs, be present in the moment, and use your environment to inspire you.
  • Remember, traffic, technology, communication, will all have the potential to go haywire, don’t stress just breathe and remember that this too is Ashe.
  • Have Fun: visit friends, have a potluck, drink wine, enjoy the holiday without worrying too much about working toward your goals, the goals will still be there after the retrograde, and you will come back to them refreshed and inspired.

“Aint Nobody Got Time For That” -Full Moon in Gemini


Mercury is gearing up to go retro, and already in she “shadow zone”, but not before the Full Moon peaks in Gemini tonight at 7PM CST. Tonight’s full moon urges us to vibe high and cling dearly to gemini’s classic ability to disengage with anything that doesn’t suit us. If it’s not bringing radical joy and mental stimulation, steer clear. Reading, Writing, Socializing, and maintaining an above it all vibe are all supported by tonight’s Full moon. Whether you stay in alone or hang out with friends tonight, if you aren’t learning or sharing, you aren’t doing it right.

Aint nobody got time for anything less then mental satisfaction and radical evolution.

In Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe Remember Yemaya


On December 12, 1531 A Brown Skinned Madonna appeared to Juan Diego, and was the catalyst for converting scores of Mexicans to Roman Catholicism. What many people don’t know however, is that Our Lady of Guadalupe for many who worship the Orishas (West African Deities akin to Saints), the Virgin Maria is on manifestation of the Mother Goddess Yemaya. For many Native American and African people in the Americas, adopting Catholicism was a way for them to covertly stay tied to the gods and goddesses of Africa and Native Americas. The  Orishas, in the Yoruba religion are not unlike saints in the way West Africans use them to relate to and to petition a monotheistic God or Olorun.


For Mexican Americans, Our Lady of Guadalupe represents a great mother, who champions the under dog, and is a symbol of hope for oppressed people. Yemaya has also been associated with Social Justice, prophesy, and fertility. Our ancestral religions go hand in hand with activism and visions of the future. Whether you believe the vision of a Brown Madonna by Juan Diego was meant to encourage Mexicans to convert to Catholicism is up to you. However, what is undeniable, is that in associating the Orishas with Catholic Saints, Africanand Native religious ancestry was able to subversively stay relevant and is making a comeback today, outside of the shadows.


Young people and popular artists are embracing West African Mysticism like never before. Even Beyonce, the ultimate pop culture diva paid homage to the goddess Oshun in her video for “Sorry”. It’s a new day, and those who practice ancient forms of religion no longer have to be afraid. Although there are elements of Santeria that I am sure will always remain private, acknowledging the power of West African Religious Tradition is something we should continue to be proud about and not ashamed of, despite the negative or humorous representations often see in pop culture.

On American Horror Story, Lillith, and the Soul


OK so full disclosure, demons are where I draw the line, so I haven’t watched this season of FX’s American Horror Story. I’m very much a sissy when it comes to certain things, and although I do not believe in demons, they still freak me out immensely. That being said, I have been a huge fan of the franchise overall, and this is the only season besides Murder House that I haven’t watched. I couldn’t help but think today on the way to work, about what the meaning is behind Ryan Murphy’s brilliantly played out stories that come alive every season for us.

I’ve been reading a lot about Lillith recently thanks to Mystic Medusa’s blog . The asteroid/dark moon’s link with Chiron really has me thinking about renegade females, which are a staple in Murphy’s AHS. Another concept i’ve been ruminating on as of late in soulmates and past lives. It’s really cool how in the world of American Horror Story,not only do we get a redemption of radical femininity, but we also have the same actors coming back season after season linking up with one another in all sorts of relationships and contexts. It mirrors my idea of soulmates in life, for I truly believe some people are destined to bump heads repeatedly on the path to Nirvana, which can take many, many, many lifetimes to achieve. Your mother in one life could be your best friend in another, your brother, can become your lover, over many lifetimes.

Although I haven’t mustered up the courage to watch AHS this season, i’ve definitely still been keeping up from the sidelines. From radical women, to actors destined to meet again and again, AHS remains relevant to cosmology and astrology  even without my eyes on it on Wednesday’s.

Young Thug Promotes Idea of Impermanence With “Digits”

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“Hustlers don’t stop they keep goin” raps Young Thug on Digits which was released this past spring,  “When you die somebody else was born” , another profound line in the track. Too often, Hip Hop, and more specifically rap gets a bad reputation for being superficial. However, the genre has always been uber innovative lyrically and conceptually. From the street pharmacists and philosophers to the the lyrical poets in backpacks, Hip Hop is thought provoking in even its weakest form.

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Although I’m not a huge proponent of recklessness, in understanding that balance is all, and this being a no judgement zone, I can still respect Young Thugs artistry and philosophy here. And admittedly, have had thoughts on what happens when we pass on numerous occasions.. As a huge N.E.R.D. fan, spearheaded by the creatively fearless Aries Pharrell Williams, the concept that noone ever really dies just resonates with me. It’s cool to see this concept on the street end of the spectrum, being done by the Young Thug, a flamboyant Leo with a flare for drama to say the least. In addition to the idea that noone ever really dies, the radical detatchment Thugger displays, and his acknowledgement of Impermanence, the Buddhist concept that everything must decay at some point in time, and in doing so, transforms into something else, is impressive, but still not an excuse to ever be unnecessarily reckless with one’s life.

Check out the Video for Digits below:

Keep Calm and Meditate


Check out a feature we put together for Ebony Magazine*

When it comes to self-care, meditation is one of the best ways to refresh your mind, body and spirit. The perks of meditating are endless, from being more energized, to having increased concentration and performance, adopting a meditation practice is a must. Meditating also helps improve overall moods and helps to ensure sound sleep at night. One thing most people do not realize is that meditation also takes practice and discipline. Like any good habit, meditating must be done regularly to reap the full spectrum of rewards.

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In Today’s World.. Finding Peace Equals Less Suffering

I read an article on the Huffington post today, that although created back in 2011 has a relevancy now, and for the foreseeable future. The article is titled ” Why Finding Peace Means Less Suffering for Others” and in it the author describes how finding inner peace helps us to remain joyful and energized in a world that can be not so perfect.

Meditation equals sanity in an insane world. The Middle East is crumbling, going through massive and violent changes; Japan is facing unbelievable difficulties and suffering due to man’s need for endless nuclear power; the U.S., directed by Obama, just killed the world’s most infamous terrorist, while the Republicans are horror-struck that there is a black president. All this is sourced from the need for power, from greed, hatred, ignorance and unhappiness

Click here and see what else the author has to say about how dignity and humanity can be reclaimed not only by individuals but as a human race.

Don’t be an Internet Commando

I just read the MOST AMAZING article over at Glappitnova that is all about resisting the urge to argue on the internet. I found this article especially amusing because it is so easy to give in to anger and engage in battles that aren’t worth your time, on and off the internet. My favorite quote from this article:

“So often we want to be keyboard warriors. Meanwhile, the rest of the world moves past us while those sweet minutes, sometimes hours, tick away at the clicking of the keys. A nice meal could have been prepared, some push-ups pushed, a painting started, a poem began, time volunteered somewhere, a conversation had with a loved one, some research done, some peace time taken with the self, a jog around the block had and so forth and so forth…”

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