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Elizabeth Aguirre has had a knack for Tarot Reading and working with Crystals since a teen. A firm believer in the power of magic, positive visualization, and thinking, she lives by the golden rule “Do unto others.. as you would have them do unto you”. Being raised Catholic had a huge influence on Elizabeth’s spirituality, and as she got older, she learned of the power of all Myths, not just Christian ones. Studying Classical Mythology and Psychology in school gave her the fuel to light her spiritual fire. In 2009, Elizabeth took a course in Energy Healing and began working with the Chakras. Although she had always felt spiritually inclined, learning Reiki and other Energy Healing techniques has helped her to channel and focus her intuitive capabilities.

Elizabeth identifies as an empath, and a claircognizant in particular(she just knows things), and dreams in color nightly,  often communicating with the spirit realm through vivid dreams.

A freelance writer and frequent contributor to Ebony and Jet Magazine. Her work has been featured in Vice Media as well as the Huffington Post. She currently lives and works in Chicago with her daughter Esther. This site came about as a result of her love of technology, her research on Myth and Archetypes, and her Natural Intuition and Empathetic Ability.